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Do you wish your house could be more festive? Do you want a way to combat the winter blues? Do you just enjoy holiday lights and wish you had a reason to have them year round?
Well, with permanent Christmas lights you can fulfill all those wishes and more.

At Christmas Decor we love the feelings of joy, community and brotherly awareness and love that are abundant during the Christmas season. We know that light has a positive effect on those around us, and our hope is that by helping our customers to have more, enjoyable sources of light in their life that we can help inspire everyone to practice the same kindness that is somehow easier during Christmas time.

Our Permanent Christmas Lights Utah are made from top-quality LED lights and other materials. We use these lights because they are economic, eco-friendly, completely customizable, and safer than traditional Christmas lights.

We have experience installing our lights on many different types of commercial and residential buildings. We are positive that we can help you design the perfect light set up to show off your home and yard while working within your budget. Permanent Christmas Lights Utah from Christmas Decor work for you in every season, and for every occasion.

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Reasons for permanent Christmas lights Utah

How Christmas Decor
Came to Be

The tradition of Christmas and other holiday lights started long before electricity was discovered. In old Scandinavia they had a “Yule Log” which was a method to have a constant fire burning in the hearth, and in Germany they put candles in their windows, and also on their trees. Of course, both of these traditions and others involved fire, and if not carefully supervised could easily result in the house catching fire as well. Nowadays, thanks to the inventive progress with electric lights, we can have the same joy, hope and strength that the traditional seasonal fires gave, without the immediate possibility of our homes going up in smoke.

In recent years, permanent Christmas lights, both for residential and commercial use, have become increasingly more and more popular. This is in part due to the cost effectiveness of using energy-efficient LED lights over traditional Christmas Lights, but it could be argued that even more appealing is that permanent Christmas lights remove all the hassle of yearly planning, prepping, set up, takedown, and storage. You install it once, and then you can use them whenever you want. When you aren’t using them they hang up high, and out of the way.

The best part is you don’t have to mess with tangled wires, or worry that one blown bulb will ruin the whole effect. Our lights are made with LED bulbs, so unlike traditional Christmas lights which use an open series circuit and will stop working if any of the bulbs burn out, your permanent Christmas lights will continue to shine brightly even if some of the bulbs need replacing. This also makes it easy for us to repair them because we can immediately tell which bulbs are not working.

Permanent Christmas Lights Utah| Seasonal & Permanent Lighting

Reasons for permanent lights

Aesthetic Appeal and
Year-Round Ambiance

Permanent Christmas lights Utah adds a touch of magic to any space, and better yet, they don’t just have to be used for Christmas. LED bulbs have a vast array of available color options that can be switched between with the touch of a button. Using an app on your phone you can customize the different patterns of color and timing that your lights will follow. You can also save your presets so you don’t have to go through the process of customization for each holiday. Just scroll to the saved preset that you previously made, and let your lights do the rest.

LED lights can be used to enhance indoor and outdoor décor. They have adjustable brightness levels, can be set on a timer, and can even be turned off if you want without unplugging anything. If you find that you would just like a little bit of extra lighting they make for a great, and easy addition to the outside or inside of your home or business. Don’t want colored light? You can set your lights to white or yellow on non-holidays so that you can still have the benefits of the light, but without the festive color.

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Reasons for permanent lights

More Energy Efficient than
Traditional Christmas Lights

One of the parts of winter that people don’t like to think about is that it gets colder. With increased cold comes an increased need for heat and electricity and gas use in the home, so it is no surprise that those bills tend to be larger during the winter months. One reason why many people do not use Christmas lights in their holiday decorations is because they don’t want their electricity bill to get any larger. That is entirely understandable, especially with traditional Christmas lights. However, the LED technology that is commonly used in permanent Christmas lights is highly energy-efficient.

Studies have shown that LED lights use 75-85% LESS energy than traditional light-bulbs, and that isn’t just for Christmas lights. LEDs are that much more efficient than the incandescent bulbs of your home as well, and they are known to be brighter. While the overall savings will differ between each house and set up, there is evidence that using permanent Christmas lights on the outside of your home could help reduce your energy bill. This is especially true if you like having a lot of lights on your house or property. Large arrays of traditional Christmas lights take a large amount of energy to maintain. Using permanent LED lights for the same array could reduce that cost significantly.

Additionally, permanent LED Christmas lights last longer, and are more durable to weather conditions of all types when compared with the traditional incandescent Christmas lights. Replacing burned out bulbs or sections is easy, and results in much less wasted material than with traditional bulbs and light strands. So not only are you saving money for yourself, you are also being kinder to the environment.

Reasons for permanent lights

More Safe and
a Reduced Fire Risk

We already mentioned the benefit of reduced risk of fire that came from switching to electric holiday lighting, but did you know that LED lights are even safer than traditional incandescent lighting in that regard?

If you have ever tried to change out a lightbulb in your home, you have probably had the uncomfortable experience where you forgot to let the bulb cool down before you touched it. Incandescent bulbs give off a substantial amount of heat, and even though traditional Christmas lights are relatively small, they still get warm when they are plugged in. This is a natural result of their design.

The term “incandescent” refers to light made from heat, which is how incandescent bulbs work. The electric current passes through a small filament of metal, which heats it up and causes it to glow. The downside of this is that the heat also warms up the glass. The heat from some incandescent bulbs can light fires if sufficient dry material is nearby. Sudden exposure to cold air or drops in temperature can cause warm incandescent bulbs to explode, and outdoor Christmas lights are exposed to the cold, this is a fairly common occurrence. This not only stops traditional Christmas lights from working, but also has the added issue of glass and filament possibly discharging into the air like tiny pieces of shrapnel.

Permanent Christmas lights don’t have either of these issues because they don’t use incandescence to create light. LEDs give off very little heat, and so are not likely to light things on fire, or explode from exposure to sudden cold. Thanks to their design you can not only have a safer holiday, but also have more options in color, blink pattern, and so much more.

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Permanent Christmas Lights Utah| Seasonal & Permanent Lighting

Reasons for permanent lights

Boosting Community Spirits Through
Permanent Christmas Lights Utah

One of the greatest things about permanent Christmas lights is the positive impact that they have on neighborhoods. During the cold winter months it becomes arguably harder to leave our warm homes and visit our neighbors. Christmas lights send out a constant, cheerful greeting to those around you. Perhaps it is because lights on a home have traditionally been a sign of welcome to weary travelers, or a subtle message of a common faith, but having permanent Christmas lights on our homes kindles the old feelings of relief and care that our ancestors felt when they saw a candle on a window, or a lantern by the door.

Along with the peace that Christmas lights bring they can also bring a fun, family activity for your neighbors. Big displays of Christmas lights are a fun attraction every year, but more recently musical light shows have become more and more popular. Permanent LED Christmas lights can be set with pre-programmed patterns which make creating spectacular displays easier than ever. If you want to reach out to your community, but don’t want to leave your house to do it, permanent Christmas lights are a great way to connect with others.

Another common occurrence around Christmas time and lights is the potential for community events and light-themed festivals. Whether the community is made up of residential properties or commercial businesses or both, having permanent Christmas lights on each structure gives the community a chance to communicate, participate, and enjoy each other’s company, from the comfort of their own home or car. And for those brave souls who are willing to face the cold either to sing carols or pay you a visit, your permanent Christmas lights will make identifying your home and navigating your yard in the dark so much easier.

Reasons for permanent lights

Do Permanent Christmas Lights Utah
Affect Health?

Yes. While studies are not concrete, there is evidence that certain colors of light help people who get the “winter blues”. SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is a phenomenon that happens with some people where the absence of strong sunlight induces feelings of depression and anxiety. Whether it is a chronic and diagnosed issue, or not, the majority of people tend to feel the winter blues to some degree or another. There is less sunlight during the winter which not only affects our natural vitamin D intake, but also can affect serotonin and melatonin levels. If you feel restless during the winter months, then it is highly possible that you are experiencing a deficiency in one of these key ingredients to a healthy body.

Along with possible deficiencies in vitamins and hormones, the visual effect of winter plays a role in how we feel during the season. There is something about the silent, stillness of a winter night that is both beautiful and frightening at the same time. The world looks very different when the world is cold and the plants have lost their leaves. Yet, strangely enough, the traditional colors of Christmas are known to counteract these eerie, and lonely feelings that the winter months can bring.

Green, Red, and Blue light has been shown to have positive effects on those with SAD, as well as help with migraine and other struggles during light therapy. Mind you, having permanent Christmas lights on your home should not be considered an excuse not to go to one’s therapist, but they can help remind us and others of the good things that are coming our way. Just like how the Yule Log and flickering candles on the tree used to remind our ancestors that spring and summer would eventually come, permanent Christmas lights help us remember that winter is temporary.

In St George we don’t have snow and Southern Utah is known for being warmer than the rest of the state. However, even though our winter isn’t as harsh as it is up north, or back east, those that live here still feel the effect of winter blues. Permanent Christmas lights create a warm, secure feeling in those who see them, and around Christmas time, where the world is colder, and gets darker sooner, this can have a positive impact on those who are looking for relief from the long shadows of the season. Some compare watching Christmas lights to a similar experience of watching a fire crackling in the fireplace. They just make the world seem more friendly.